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Friday, February 02, 2007

David Kessler Says Your Trailer Needs a Skirt

Please, for the love of all things wholesome, don't let your trailer go without a skirt! Puting a skirt on your trailer will make you the envy of the raceway infield. What am I talking about? David Kessler knows. David Kessler is a mechanic in charge of the clutch on the racing crew of Brandon The Kid and has fasioned a protective skirt for the trailer that houses the race cars and equipment for his team. Three years after the team owner purchased the trailer, it still looks great despite the rough treatment of the racetrack pit environment.

His trailer skirt has caught the eye of many in the industry including Torco Racing Fuels Competition Plus web magazine. The drag racing magazine wrote an article about David Kessler's invention and even conveniently posts his phone number so that now that you realize how embarassingly naked your trailer is, you'll give David Kessler a call and end your trailer's shame once and for all. What kind of a trailer owner are you, anyway?