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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

David Kessler and PDA

You know you love your Palm Pilot or your Pocket PC. Where would you be without it? Lost and double-booked. Have you ever wondered where the software that runs on your personal digital assistant comes from? It doesn't come from the occasionally-smart Keebler elf. David Kessler makes software that runs on those little indispensable gadgets.

David Kessler is a software engineer who particularly likes to create software for tiny little devices. Some of his software is called embedded as it is often permanently embedded in hardware like appliances. It is his type of programming that controls your DVD player or your microwave oven. If you contact him at his company Kopsis, maybe he can make your garage door opener play MP3 files.

Whatever your PDA or embedded software needs are, you know you can't go wrong with David Kessler.

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David Kessler said...

You can find out more about David Kessler aside from his work at Kopsis. David has a blog at . I checked it out. Want to know something weird? He has pictures from his visit to The Monkey Jungle in January 2007. I was just there about a month before.