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Friday, January 19, 2007

The Logistics of David Kessler

The future is RFID and David Kessler knows it. What is RFID? It stands for Radio Frequency IDentification and it is what may make the ubuquitous barcode obsolete. RFID is like a universal price code (UPC symbol) printed on the side of the goods you buy. Only, with the RFID system, the product doesn't have to be held up to a laser for scanning. The product has a tiny circuit board in it that emits its code over radio waves to a nearby detector.

Maybe one day you'll put all of your groceries into your cart and have an RFID system scan your entire basket at once. Cool, huh? Imagine a library with smart shelves that know where each book is. Maybe you can take a book off the shelf and walk right out of the library with it and your RFID library card. You pick up a receceipt at the door telling you when the book is due. That technology is right around the corner and David Kessler sells it.

David Kessler is the Senior Vice President of Sales for RFID Systems in Dallas, Texas. His company creates RFID systems for warehouses, distribution, and retail businesses. He may or may not still work there. I don't know. The latest information I have on David Kessler is from 2004. Now, if only he was wearing an RFID tag...

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