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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Steve Guttenberg Was David Kessler

You read that right. The illustrious Steve Guttenberg played David Kessler in the 1977 movie The Chicken Chronicles. Yeah, you read that right too. The Chicken Chronicles was actually the name of the film and it was Steve Guttenberg's first major film role. It was a high school sex romp movie in which David Kessler is on a mission to lose his virginity once and for all. What else is there to do in high school? David Kessler is bound to lose his virginity sometime, so it might as well be chronicled on the silver screen.

For those of you who are following along at home, this is the second movie in which David Kessler is the main character that The International Society For The Advancement Of David Kessler has reported on (though, so far it is chronologically the oldest known movie with David Kessler in it). The first (and our favorite) movie to be discussed here is the classic An American Werewolf in London. Then, of course, there was Irreconcilable Differences. Have a look at the previous posts to learn more about the fascinating, fictitious David Kessler.

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