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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Advertising Exec David Kessler

Just like Mr. Tate on Bewitched, David Kessler is an advertising executive. He used to be the managing director at the famous ad firm Hill, Holliday. A few years ago he was picked to develop ads to assist John Kerry in his run for president of the United States. He didn't work directly for the Kerry campain, but for an outside organization helping the cause without having to be limited by campain finance rules.

Of his role in creating advertising during the Kerry campain, David Kessler said, “The goal was to provide some air cover...It reminded me of the scene in Saving Private Ryan, when they hit the beachhead and the shit’s flying. That’s what our job was—take the fucking beachhead, and [Kerry] will come in when he’s ready.”

Ah, if only the results of the Kerry campain were like the results of the invasion at Normandy instead of like the invasion of Iraq. But I digress, and digress I shant. David Kessler sounds like he's got a nice solid attitude. We need a good ad man at The International Society for the Advancement of David Kessler, to assist with the effort of advancing David Kessler.

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