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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cinematographic David Kessler

Among the couple of people who have portrayed David Kessler in movies (see the Fame section for details), there is also David Kessler working behind the camera to make other movies. Here's David Kessler with his eye mushed into a movie camera possibly doing what he does now. That is, serving as a director of photography.

David Kessler graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and went into the film industry starting as a grip, making his way into his current position. He spent years working in production for commercials and has now moved into films. Be on the lookout for a movie called Winter of Frozen Dreams, shot by (who else?) David Kessler.

Winter of Frozen Dreams is a coming of age film about several thousands of people who simultaneously realize the emptiness of their existence and their deep, paralyzing regret of not having been David Kessler sooner. When they all show up at a sleepy county courthouse to have their names changed, hillarity ensues.

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