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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Litigator Audiophile David Kessler

You might expect an attorney such as David Kessler, who practicies law in civil litigation, labor and employment, non-competition agreements, civil rights, collections, and shareholder disputes to be a one-trick pony. But not David Kessler. In addition to being an attorney at Blaugrund, Herbert & Martin in Washington, Ohio, and president of the Dublin Management Group in Dublin, Ohio, David Kessler is also an audiophile. You can find him posting on protecting the rights and resolving disputes between AudioKarma members buying and selling esoteric audio electronics to others in the state of Ohio.

So if you are a member of AudioKarma and buy an expensive set of Mpingo disks from someone in Ohio so as to enhance the sound of your $50,000 Martin Logan electrostatic drivers pushed by dual Krell Class A monoblocks and you discover that the Mpingo disks don't actually *do* anything, give David Kessler a call. You can't go wrong with David Kessler in your corner.

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David Kessler said...

I updated David Kessler's information to reflect his presidency at Dublin Management Group.