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Thursday, September 21, 2006

David Kessler, Fine Artist

A Santa Fe, New Mexico gallery called the Meyer-Munson Gallery lists David Kessler in its Artist Index. It looks like he as sold a couple of multi-thousand dollar paintings on their website. I have seen his posters at about a million poster sites on the Web. They're hard to miss.

Since he shows up on so many poster websites, I suppose he is known in the poster and fine art industries. I'll put him in the Fame category until I hear otherwise. I only have my vague intuition to go on, acknowledging, of course, that he's not nearly as famous as the most famous David Kessler.

Anyway, David Kessler paints on aluminum to make his paintings extra shiny. Of course, that deconstruction doesn't do justice to his work. And neither does the Web, I am sure. From what I can see on my monitor, I bet seeing the real thing is a much more satisfying experience. The work looks photorealistic.

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