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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Graphic Artist, Designer, Illustrator

David Kessler is an artist "specializing in children's publications, learning products and kids graphics". That's a quote from his website Yes, he's the lucky David Kessler that managed to get the .com domain before the rest of the David Kesslers who would have liked it. Don't confuse the .com David Kessler with the .org David Kessler. They are two different David Kesslers. However, the .org David Kessler has managed to bogart several domains like .net and, so if you want a David Kessler domain, you'll need to hurry and snap up something obscure like or

But I digress, check out David Kessler's graphics.

Update 9/22/06 - Above is a picture of David Kessler from 1972 found on his website.


Anonymous said...

hey this guy is cool check out his paintings ive already bought 5 you should buy some!

John Kessler said...

I can speak from long acquaintance that this David Kessler makes a fine brother as well an excellent golfer. I also have several of his works hanging in my home including several from his more representational period that he no longer admits to. Perhaps there should be an adjunct membership for brother's of David Kessler.

David Kessler said...

Yes, an adjunct membership indeed. I like it. We should consider this at our next meeting.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what the first anonymous said. David Kessler's paintings are very interesting and very cool. He's at and you should definetely check out his work and purchase some of the amazing art.

Anonymous said...

mmm, indeed. checking out this David Kessler is worthwhile.

dk said...

As you can see this post about me was done when I was still in my infancy of guitar-playing and songwriting, so there is no mention of this. I believe I can claim to be in my toddler-hood now in that department, here's an example:
Still it's all fun!

David Kessler said...

Hello fellow david kesslers, checking in to make sure you can find more information about me and my illustration and paintings...

dk said...

Hey! It's me the real David Kessler :)

I have a new blogspot blog! It's just a few selfies right now... but hey, its fun and just a start!

There's also:

because I'm also a painter!


because I'm also a songwriter - uh oh, there are those selfies again!