The International Society for the Advancement of David Kessler is a global organization comprising an elite group of people from around the world who are named David Kessler. Membership in The International Society for the Advancement of David Kessler (or TISFTAODK) is strictly limited to candidates who meet at least one of the two following stringent criteria: 1) Your name must be David Kessler; OR 2) Give me $1,000,000.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Prudent Juris Doctor Philosopher

David Kessler got his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Notre Dame. One day when he was contemplating the sound of a tree falling in a forest where no one was around to hear it, he realised that he existed and simultaneously discovered that he needed to get a real job.

So, now David Kessler is an attorney. All kidding aside, while I may have taken some liberties with the account of his career path, it remains true, David Kessler is practicing law in South Bend, Indiana and he does really have a Ph.D. in philosophy to boot.

The website of his law practice says that David Kessler enjoys reading, playing tennis, watching movies and chopping down trees in the forest and then running away as fast as he can to see if the tree makes a noise. OK, I admit, I may have added that last part.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

David Kessler, The State Park

You read that headline right. David Kessler is a state park in Missouri. How about that? David Kessler Memorial State Wildlife Area is located at lattitude 39.06, longitude -90.91 in Lincoln County. Click on the picture to see a larger map from the United States Geological Survey or click on the link above from I wonder what other geographical features are named David Kessler.

At first I hesitated and contemplated whether or not to make the David Kessler Memorial State Wildlife Area a member of the International Society for the Advancement of David Kessler. I decided to consult the membership criteria. After reviewing the criteria, I found no criterion to require the candidate to be a person, per se; or even animate, for that matter, though some might claim that it is implied. I feel that using a strict interpretation of criterion number 1, the criterion was satisfactorily met and therefore membership should be conferred thereon.

David Kessler, Crime-Fighter from the Ohio Attorney General's Office

If you had been in Vermont earlier this month and had been a member of the Association of Vermont Credit Unions, you might have been fortunate enough to take a seminar with none other than David Kessler. David offered a seminar entitled "Bomb Threat Training". He is also known to give workshops on identity theft and elder abuse (preventing it, I assume). Be on the look out for more.

You see, David Kessler is the former Commander of the Financial Crimes Unit of the Dekalb County (Georgia) Police Department and currently works for the Child and Elder Protection Section of the Ohio Attorney General's office. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner, too.

It is good to have David Kessler as a member of the International Society for the Advancement of David Kessler. He can help ensure that David Kessler does not fall victim to identity theft. That could be bad for a lot of people, not the least of which, David Kessler.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Manuscript Microfilming David Kessler

David Kessler, as is the case with so many David Kesslers and I, share something in common. David Kessler is a manuscript microfilming coordinator and I used to work for a large corporation specializing in the microfilming industry, ProQuest Company, which you might recognize from it's old name, Bell & Howell. OK, so it's a weak commonality. What can I say? If you have spent any time in a libarry (ha ha I said libarry) you have probably used one of those hulking microfilm reading machines.

David Kessler's manuscript microfilm coordinating duties occur at the esteemed UC Berkeley Bancroft Library, where it looks like he has also spent a lot of time reading books. According to this webpage he's quite elloquent and it looks like (at least at one time) he experienced a rather deep existential crisis. He wrote,

"After enough years in the same town, the same building all day long, ploughing the same furrows and accumulating same on one's brow, one only with difficulty imagines that life could have been lived in a fundamentally different way. Alas, such casual thoughts inevitably crease one's brow even deeper, when the stock of years to come seems to evaporate, and the illusion that it's just a stage, a means to an end, tumble into the sobering realization that retirement is closer than commencement."

The copyright on that page is 1995. So maybe David Kessler is feeling better by now. Maybe he needs to get out of the libarry more often. Maybe the thrill of his new exclusive membership in The International Society for the Advancement of David Kessler is just the thing to bring a ray of sunshine to his life.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another Dr. David Kessler

Put another Dr. David Kessler on the pile. Last year David Kessler was studying pediatrics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine along with his wife Lauren who is studying internal medicine. They met at Princeton as undergrads and got married in April of 2005.

I don't know if they've graduated yet (I assume they have) or what they are doing this year. The Internet trail has run cold and it is a new school year now.
Perhaps David Kessler will give us an update and tell us what he is doing now.
Aww! But what a cute couple, though, huh?

Physicist Smarty Pants

David Kessler is a physicist and professor at Israel's Bar-Ilan University. He has a Ph.D. in physics from Princeton University and a B.S in physics from MIT. His interests are, "Interfaces, pattern formation, non-equilibrium dynamics, statistical physics," and examining specific problems like, "models of biological evolution, fracture, dendritic solidification, Belousov-Zhabatinskii spirals, viscous fingering, kinetic roughening, strain-induced roughening, molecular beam epitaxy films." I would have studied that too, but viscous fingering is illegal in my state. If I tried to do it, I'd get a kinetic roughening of my own. No thank you.

David Kessler once said in a presentation entitled A Momentary Glance at The Solitary Wave of Asexual Evolution that ‹E1›=μ(1-(2‹E1›/L))+‹E2›. I don't know about you, but I find that hard to believe. According to my calculations 4*3X=12; 3X=(12/4); 3X=3; Therefore X=1. Then, if we apply the quasitransitive property of mathematics E clearly equals (M*(C*C)). He may have to rethink his approach.

David Kessler, Rocket Statistician

Yes, David Kessler is a Rocket statistician and he's only in high school. What is a Rocket statistician? Well, it's a kind of a statistician that keeps track of the statistics of the Crittenden County high school baseball team, The Rockets, in Marion, Kentucky.

David Kessler is the one in the grey shirt in the back row. He's the one who looks thrilled to be there. Click on the picture to see a bigger view.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Comic, Writer, Performer David Kessler

As the title vaguely implies, David Kessler is a comic, writer, and performer. His website gives that impression too (That's where I got the idea from). It is also where I nicked the photo from.

A few photos on his site show him doing standup comedy at the Improv. He's even been on television and made a short film. We definitely have to check out David Kessler. He can be seen on stage both in LA and in NYC. Ooh, bi-coastal! How very today!

If David Kessler plays his cards right, he may even supplant David Kessler as the most famous David Kessler.

Graphic Artist Update

I added a picture I found to graphic artist David Kessler's entry. Click here.

Professor David Kessler, Smarty Pants

David Kessler works in the Department of Biology at Rhodes College in Memphis Tennessee. In a 2002 symposium he presented "Corbicula fluminea (Bivalve: Mollusca) glycogen concentration and condition indices as indicators of habitat quality in the upper Wolf River, Tennessee and Mississippi".

If there is one truism in life, everyone knows, "If you want to know the habitat quality in the upper Wolf River, look no further than the corbicula fluminea glycogen concentration." Why, just yesterday I read that saying in a fortune cookie. How true it is.

Painter, Sculptor, David Kessler

The University of Pittsburgh arts publication Nidus reports that David Kessler is a "painter and sculptor living and working in Philadelphia, PA." In issue number 8 (Winter 2005) David Kessler published a number of paintings of his visit to Prague, each painted on a 4 x 4 bathroon tile.

Sure seems like David Kesslers are a rather creative bunch.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

David Kessler, Fine Artist

A Santa Fe, New Mexico gallery called the Meyer-Munson Gallery lists David Kessler in its Artist Index. It looks like he as sold a couple of multi-thousand dollar paintings on their website. I have seen his posters at about a million poster sites on the Web. They're hard to miss.

Since he shows up on so many poster websites, I suppose he is known in the poster and fine art industries. I'll put him in the Fame category until I hear otherwise. I only have my vague intuition to go on, acknowledging, of course, that he's not nearly as famous as the most famous David Kessler.

Anyway, David Kessler paints on aluminum to make his paintings extra shiny. Of course, that deconstruction doesn't do justice to his work. And neither does the Web, I am sure. From what I can see on my monitor, I bet seeing the real thing is a much more satisfying experience. The work looks photorealistic.

Rocket Scientist David Kessler

Well, I don't know about rocket scientist, per se. But David Kessler does like to build model rockets and take pictures of them. Sky High Hobbies (I believe in the Ithaca, NY area) has several pictures of rockets credited to David Kessler. Too bad David Kessler isn't actually in the picture. The site also doesn't say anything more about David Kessler. They just don't care like we do.

Another Interesting Tidbit About the Most Famous David Kessler

I uncovered another piece of information about the most famous David Kessler. I updated my original post. Go look.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Fictitious David Kessler

In 1981 John Landis gave us a fictional David Kessler (artfully played by David Naughton) who was the lead character in the horror film with a humorous heart, An American Werewolf in London. Any self-respecting David Kessler must have seen this film at least once, if not several times. The best line in the movie is when a mangled, rotting, dead zombie friend of David Kessler says to him, "You must die, David Kessler!" That's the kind of line David Kessler doesn't soon forget.

Perhaps David Naughton should be given an honorary, adjunct membership in the International Society for the Advancement of David Kessler. Maybe the membership committee will consider this matter, when there is a membership committee.

You can learn more about the classic film at or you can get information on the 20th Anniversary DVD and see more pictures like the one above at

Theatrical David Kessler of Many Talents

I'd post a picture of David Kessler (inevitably swiped from his site), but he says on his site that if others want to use content from his site, then they should contact him first. Perhaps I will. In the mean time, while we are waiting for his permission, let me tell you about David Kessler. David Kessler wears many hats. He works in theater both as "talent" and a producer. He also organizes the logistics of conventions and meetings, writes, edits, creates calligraphy and illuminated texts and he likes to sing and play musical instruments. Not only that, but he can also kick your ass with Tai Chi and a sword.

David Kessler also has pictures on his website that indicate he has been to the Middle East. That puts worldly representation of David Kessler on yet another continent/major geographical area. While he is not travelling, David Kessler lives in the Boston, MA area.

10/04/2006 - Update - Ah HA! I found a picture of David Kessler on another website other than his! Isn't the Internet great?

This is a picture of David Kessler being the executive administrator for the Center for Millenial Studies at Boston University. See the complete article at the BU Bridge newspaper.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

French David Kessler

David Kessler is a radio director in France. At least, that is what I gather from a French article on him at Since I don't actually speak French, I can only gather from what appear to be cognates that David Kessler has some interest in France Culture. He said, "La préoccupation de l'audience à n'importe quel prix n'est pas la priorité de France Culture, mais nous devons essayer de gagner et nous pouvons gagner de nouveaux auditeurs". I couldn't agree more. Well said!

Manager at Cafe Thirty-A

David Kessler is the general manager at the upscale Cafe Thirty-A in Florida's panhandle. The website for the restaurant says David Kessler started as a waiter there and clawed his way to upper management with brute competence and overwhelming dynamism (Well, that's what David Kesslers do, right?). You can read more about him and the restaurant at

The menu looks really tempting. If I am ever in the area, I am definitely going to go there for dinner. So, what do you say, David Kessler? Will you hook a David Kessler up?

IT Pro

David Kessler is an information technology professional and business consultant in Lexington, Massachussetts. From his website, it is also apparent that he likes photography (as do I) and he has been to Europe and Africa.

So, we know that there has been a David Kessler presence on the Dark Continent, Europe and North America. I'll continue to track David Kessler representations world-wide. If you know of David Kessler being in either or both of the poles, please send an email.

But, I digress (again). David Kessler has a number of articles covering business and personal topics. You can read them and see his pictures at

Graphic Artist, Designer, Illustrator

David Kessler is an artist "specializing in children's publications, learning products and kids graphics". That's a quote from his website Yes, he's the lucky David Kessler that managed to get the .com domain before the rest of the David Kesslers who would have liked it. Don't confuse the .com David Kessler with the .org David Kessler. They are two different David Kesslers. However, the .org David Kessler has managed to bogart several domains like .net and, so if you want a David Kessler domain, you'll need to hurry and snap up something obscure like or

But I digress, check out David Kessler's graphics.

Update 9/22/06 - Above is a picture of David Kessler from 1972 found on his website.

Dead David Kessler

Among the David Kesslers that have enjoyed some public exposure, David Kessler is the earliest example I have found so far. David Kessler was born in 1863. If he was still alive, he would undoubtedly be the most famous David Kessler, as he'd be celebrating his 143rd birthday this year. No such luck for him or us. Instead, David Kessler died in 1920 after a prominent life on stage in New York City's Yiddish theater.

He is a member in good standing with The International Society for the Advancement of David Kessler despite being dead. You will note that being alive is not one of the criteria for membership (though it is encouraged).

Less Famous David Kessler

We all know David Kessler from the FDA, but there are other David Kesslers that also enjoy varying degrees of notoriety. Take David Kessler, for instance. David Kessler is a journalist and author of a few books, one of which he recently co-wrote with the famous Elizabeth Kubler-Ross; On Grief and Grieving. His books and interests tend toward end-of-life issues. You know, (death). Shh. Don't say it too loud. Maybe it won't happen to you.

If you want to learn more about him and his work, hop on over to Don't go for too long though, there are other David Kesslers you'll want to learn about.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Membership Roster

  1. David Kessler, Ph.D., psychologist and IT professional, President and founding member
  2. David Kessler, MD, JD, dean of Yale medical school
  3. David Kessler, journalist/author
  4. David Kessler, actor
  5. David Kessler, artist/illustrator
  6. David Kessler, IT professional
  7. David Kessler, restaurant manager
  8. David Kessler, radio director
  9. David Kessler, theater/logistics/many job guy
  10. David Kessler, fictional character, werewolf
  11. David Kessler, rocket scientist (OK, model rocket builder)
  12. David Kessler, fine artist
  13. David Kessler, Ph.D. (?), professor
  14. David Kessler, comic, writer, performer
  15. David Kessler, Rocket statistician
  16. David Kessler, Ph.D., physicist
  17. David Kessler, M.D. (?), pediatric resident(?)
  18. David Kessler, manuscript microfilming coordinator
  19. David Kessler, crime-fighter
  20. David Kessler, state park
  21. David Kessler, Ph.D., JD, philosopher, attorney
  22. David Kessler, psychology advisor
  23. David Kessler, fictional character
  24. David Kessler, college grad, fraternity brother
  25. David Kessler, publisher
  26. David Kessler, JD, attorney, CPA
  27. David Kessler, couch surfer
  28. David Kessler, football player
  29. David Kessler, CPA
  30. David Kessler, MD, cardiologist
  31. David Kessler, college grad
  32. David Kessler, philanthropist, lecture series
  33. David Kessler, MD, psychiatrist
  34. David Kessler, township supervisor, political candidate
  35. David Kessler, musical instrument seller
  36. David Kessler, advertising executive
  37. David Kessler, JD, attorney, audiophile
  38. David Kessler, responsible father
  39. David Kessler, engineer
  40. David Kessler, director of photography
  41. David Kessler, MA, MA, industrial designer, social gerontologist
  42. David Kessler, software engineer
  43. David Kessler, wine buyer
  44. David Kessler, JD, attorney
  45. David Kessler, environmental protection specialist
  46. David Kessler, Ph.D., professor
  47. David Kessler, laser engineer
  48. David Kessler, sales VP
  49. David Kessler, pit crew mechanic
  50. David Kessler, actor
  51. David Kessler, fictional character, horny teenager
  52. David Kessler, fictional character, superhero

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Most Famous David Kessler

Undoubtedly the world's most famous David Kessler is the former head of the United States Food and Drug Administration, Dr. David Kessler. David Kessler is probably most noted as bringing the U.S. tobacco industry before Congress's heavy scrutny. His investigations into the manipulation of nicotine levels in cigarettes and other manipulative and misleading practices of the tobacco industry contibuted to findings of culpability in federal courts and headline-grabbing record damage awards to plaintiffs and their families. Punitve damages also funded state-wide anti-smoking initiatives.

David Kessler earned an M.D. from Harvard AND (probably because he was bored) a law degree around the same time from the University of Chicago. Last I heard about this over-acheiving David Kessler is that he is Dean of the Yale medical school.

Added 9/22/2006 - I thought I was tracking down another David Kessler; this time an author of novels. I went to to find out more about David Kessler who wrote six books. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Oh, but I was. It seems the Deanship at Yale nicely affords David Kessler the time to pen fiction too. I stand by my last statement...

Hey, Dave. You're making the rest of us look bad.